• “We’ve never missed a deadline with them. Every project they’ve delivered has been on budget, on time. In fact, on a couple of them, they underspent the budget. They treat our money as though it were their money.”

    » Mike DeLong
       Project Manager
       Acheson Ventures LLC

  • “The value that Baird brings transcends the end product. It’s the whole process that gives you the add-on value. Baird’s people have a genuine interest in ensuring the result is something that will be appreciated by all. The project has brought new dynamics to a coastline that was starved for developmental ideas. It has lifted the entire area to a whole new standard.”

    » Dr. Leo Brewster
       Coastal Zone Management Unit, Government of  Barbados

  • “The newest science that’s out there doesn’t often get applied to projects, whether you’re dealing with government scientists or especially consultants. In contrast, it seems like the folks at Baird -- many of whom have advanced degrees -- have their thumb on the pulse of the cutting-edge stuff and the ability to apply it in engineering practice.”

    » Jim Selegean
       Coastal/Hydraulic Engineer
       United States Army Corps of Engineers – Detroit District

  • “We value Baird’s ability to deliver a project from the concept stage through construction. The biggest firms would be more apt to throw in a group of specialists to work on one piece and then another group for another phase. That’s an advantage Baird has over firms that compartmentalize things… They know all the headaches from the beginning. They know the client, what the client expects, how we work.”

    » Dave Simonelli
       President of Dredging Operations
       Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company

  • “They’re very open and honest, and I never felt that I was getting anything but the straightforward truth, whether I wanted to hear it or not. Baird told us exactly what the problems were or what the challenges would be, and essentially then said ‘Now let’s get together to solve the problems.’ Getting it right at our company means safely, with high quality, on schedule and on budget. And Baird consistently exceeded our expectations.”

    » Chris Beaumont
       Chief Advisor - Projects (Construction), Technology & Innovation
       Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium, Inc