PIANC Workshop

Climate Change Adaptation for Ports and Navigation Infrastructure

A North American PIANC Seminar and Workshop co-promoted by Baird & Associates and Port of New York and New Jersey

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 1 pm to Friday, February 24, 2017 at 12:30 pm - 90 Columbia St., Brooklyn NY 11201 (Red Room)

A free, two half day event at the Port of New York and New Jersey in Brooklyn

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In December 2015, at COP21, 195 countries decided to adopt the so-called Paris agreement. This first-ever legally binding global climate deal initiates an international plan of action to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting warming to well below 2°C. PIANC participated in the COP21 transport-related side events, representing the ‘Think Climate’ coalition (see http://www.pianc.org/thinkclimate.php) in the discussions on adaptation as well as mitigation. These highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with both strengthening the resilience of port and navigation infrastructure, and adapting infrastructure to the changing climate. The COP21 side-events also demonstrated that some of the countries and organizations likely to be hit hardest by climate change are the least well-resourced to adapt. During COP22, PIANC attended transport day and a side‑event on climate change adaptation; the momentum on climate change action remains strong and everyone has a role to play.
It is increasingly acknowledged that the consequences of climate change, such as change in sea level rise, change in weather and storm frequency, etc. will affect both existing and new seaport and inland waterway infrastructure. Adaptation (to reduce vulnerability or increase resilience) will therefore be necessary. New designs will need to take into account the effects of climate change, and some existing infrastructure may need retrofitting. Non-structural measures, including modifications to management activities, maintenance regimes and other port, harbor and waterway operations, are also likely to be required to facilitate the continued function of the physical infrastructure. The implications for infrastructure of an increase in the frequency of extreme events and associated adaptation options similarly need to be better understood. 
PIANC Working Group 178 is preparing a technical guidance document to help the owners, operators and users of waterborne transport infrastructure adapt to climate change. By providing a platform for discussion and for the sharing of information, this seminar/workshop is intended both to contribute to the work of Working Group 178 and to help raise awareness in the wider sector.
The draft program for this event includes an opportunity for Ports to discuss their challenges in relation to climate change adaptation in a group breakout session, and talks from the following speakers in addition to others who are currently unconfirmed:
Austin Becker, The University of Rhode Island, Climate Change and Adaptation Planning for Ports
Jennifer Ogrodnick, Baird & Associates, PIANC Working Group 178, Climate Change Adaptation for Ports and Navigation Infrastructure
Cate Fox-Lent, US Army Corps of Engineers, PIANC Working Group 193, Resilience of the Marine and Inland Waterborne Transportation System
John Headland, Baird & Associates, Port Resiliency Quantification
Mary Lee Clanton, Port of New York and New Jersey, Manager of Port Planning
Josh DeFlorio, Port of New York and New Jersey, Chief of Sustainability and Resiliency
Iñigo Losada, IH Cantabria, Climate Change Impacts on Investment in the Port Sector
Registration Details
Registration is free of charge. Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited, so your early registration is recommended. If you register but subsequently find you are unable to attend, please make the Workshop Secretary aware so that your place can be offered to somebody else.
Baird & Associates will provide snacks and refreshments each day of the event. A networking event will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 5:30 pm; please confirm your attendance at the networking event when you register.
If you have any difficulties booking, please contact: Jennifer Gibson, Baird & Associates, Workshop Secretary, 1-905-845-5385, jgibson@baird.com
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