Beach Restoration and Boardwalk

The south coast of Barbados suffered from narrow beaches and shoreline damage, and the need to remedy the situation was recognized. Baird was responsible for the conceptual through final design and construction of a boardwalk and a headland and beach system.

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Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit
South Coast, Barbados
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South Coast, Barbados

Project Highlights

The design process included physical model tests and extensive numerical modeling to define a stable solution. The project has been incredibly popular and is enjoyed daily by locals and tourists and has revitalized the south coast.

  • 1.6 km of shoreline enhancement work and boardwalk
  • Many extensive beaches, replacing eroded shorelines
  • Improved access to local businesses
  • Delivery of materials from as far away as Canada and Brazil
  • Unique, world-class facility

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Project Challenges

  • There was a strong desire to improve the limited public access.
  • Many homeowners were concerned about the proposed boardwalk along their ocean frontage.
  • Limited beaches remained following devastating hurricane damage.
  • The boardwalk design needed to survive hurricane forces.
  • There was very sensitive environmental habitat including turtle nesting areas.

Baird Solutions

  • A boardwalk with continuous hard surface walkway provides expanded public access.
  • Numerous public meetings with stakeholders helped alleviate most all concerns.
  • Five main headlands with beach sand placed between allows continued transport and beach nourishment.
  • A concrete superstructure was constructed with sacrificial timber decking for major storms.
  • Primary areas of turtle nesting were avoided, while vegetation and enhanced beaches improve the nesting habitat.

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