Generating Station Expansion

WE Power developed its new Elm Road Generating Station adjacent to its Oak Creek Power Plant, requiring land reclamation to accommodate the new plant. The new shoreline and submerged cooling water intake required protection and a new cooling water discharge had to be designed and constructed.

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WE Power LLC and Bechtel Corporation
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
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Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Project Highlights

Multi-purpose sheet pile jetties were designed to form the cooling water discharge system structure, provide scour protection for the cooling water intake, land reclamation containment dike, and the shoreline revetment.


  • Assessed scour impacts on the cooling water intake system.
  • Evaluated the efficiency of the cooling water discharge system.
  • Mitigation plan for downdrift shoreline properties.
  • Acquisition multiple of regulatory permits.

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Project Challenges

  • Meet rigorous regulatory requirements for dispersing the cooling discharge into Lake Michigan.
  • Necessary to protect the offshore submerged cooling water intake against scour from waves and passing vessels.
  • Create a structure to contain dredge spoils, which would form the land reclaimed for the new power plant.

Baird Solutions

  • Two parallel sheet pile jetties increasingly constrict the flow of cooling water, increasing the velocity of the discharge to disperse it further into the lake.
  • Analysis, design and construction of a stone scour pad prevented scour in water depths of 50 –60ft.
  • Assessment of wave attack and overtopping risk was incorporated into the design of a protective revetment.

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