Huanghua Harbour Sedimentation

Huanghua Harbour is located just north of the Yellow River delta and is subject to a serious sedimentation problem in excess of 16,000,000 m3/year depositing in it’s dredged channel. The massive sedimentation generally occurs during wind storms (and related wind generated currents).

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Shenghua Group, China
Bohai Bay, Yellow River Delta, China
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Bohai Bay, Yellow River Delta, China

Project Highlights

Baird conducted an independent review of previous studies.  Baird then applied an in-house 3D hydrodynamic and sediment transport model, MISED, to identify major causes and to seek appropriate solutions.  MISED considered waves, tide and wind as driving forces and Identified mechanisms of sedimentation.

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Project Challenges

  • Determine the cause of massive sedimentation occurring during wind storms.
  • Determine the impact of the existing and proposed structures on sedimentation.
  • Recommend a solution to mitigate the sedimentation issue.

Baird Solutions

  • 3D model results founed the cause, which was confirmed by recent bathymetric change at the site.
  • 3D modeling results showed that the strong near-bed offshore currents would be further enhanced by the proposed structural solution.
  • Development of submerged spur jetties to block the offshore near-bed currents were recommended to prevent sediment from reaching the channel.

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