Hilton Beach Restoration

Needham’s Point Development Inc. wanted to assess the storm damaged existing conditions of the waterfront at the Barbados Hilton.  They wanted conceptual design alternatives for rehabilitation of the waterfront.

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Needham's Point Development Inc.
Barbados Hilton, Barbados
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Barbados Hilton, Barbados

Project Highlights

Surveys and analysis were required to develop concepts and final designs. The rehabilitation design and construction transformed the existing beach and coastal structures.  The results improved beach stability and created a beautiful recreational beach for hotel guests and the public.

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Project Challenges

  • Restore a breakwater in a resort area to improve performance while minimizing impacts.
  • Define design conditions for the breakwater and beach following the failure of the original breakwater design.
  • Quality stone for the breakwater construction was not locally available.
  • Imperative to limit the impacts on the resort guests during construction.

Baird Solutions

  • A low crested design improved views and armour stone sized to survive severe overtopping.
  • Extensive numerical modeling determined design wave height and parameters.
  • Dense, high quality stone was found in St. Lucia, which was better for a recreational area.
  • Construction hours were limited and materials transported across the beach during low use periods.

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