Hydropower Reservoir Study

Appalachian Power Company recently underwent a relicensing for their Claytor Lake Hydroelectric Project. This 70 year old, 130 feet high facility spans 1,140 feet across the New River valley. The 22 mile long reservoir covers 4,500 acres with 100 miles of shoreline. The relicense study process involved numerous stakeholders.

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Appalachian Power Company
Roanoke, Virginia
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Roanoke, Virginia

Project Highlights

The FERC relicensing of an existing hydropower project required an integrated approach of scientific data gathering and analysis and obtaining consensus from many stakeholders and regulatory agencies in order to develop a successful license application and renewal approval. Highlights include:


  • Watershed modeling system identified sediment sources and impacts on storage capacity.
  • 3D hydrodynamic model to highlight future sedimentation and support aquatic habitat restoration projects.
  • Rapid and comprehensive response to Integrated Licensing Process reviews and challenges.

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Project Challenges

  • Extensive amounts of data needed over a short time frame.
  • The Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) involved a revised timeline and stakeholder challenges.
  • Property rights and project scope created numerous contentious stakeholder issues.
  • Communicate complex processes to non-technical stakeholders.

Baird Solutions

  • Expedited field data program supported other studies and rebutted appeals.
  • Experience with the ILP allowed for rapid mobilization and adaptability.
  • Close coordination with regulatory officials resolved all issues.
  • Interactive workshops and meetings educated stakeholders.

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