Island Habitat Restoration

Design development was completed for restoring the Cat Island chain near the Port of Green Bay navigation channel. Post-construction, the island will provide a new disposal site for clean dredged material and produce major environmental benefits in the form of habitat on the island as well wave sheltering for a sensitive coastal wetland nearby.

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US Army Corps of Engineers - Detroit District
Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Green Bay, Wisconsin

Project Highlights

The restoration design is a multi-use solution providing habitat, habitat protection and a disposal area for dredged material from the navigation channel.

  • Innovative approaches for sequencing construction of the islands
  • Provisions for different habitats on the island
  • Capacity for nearly 2 million yds3 of material, equivalent to 20 years of disposal capacity
  • Nearly 200,000 yds3 of material dredged was re-used for beach nourishment

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Project Challenges

  • Provide a long term storage solution for the disposal of dredge material.
  • Improve habitat for various species of waterfowl and plants.
  • Provide an efficient construction sequence.

Baird Solutions

  • The form of the island was created with containment dikes.
  • Extensive physical modeling determined the optimum shoreline configuration to enhance habitat.
  • Construction of a spine of the island was proposed to provide a platform for equipment access and offer wave protection.

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