Jeddah Coastal Remediation

The 75 km coast of Jeddah is fronted by spectacular reefs and beaches. Water and sediment quality along the coast has been severely polluted over the last 50 years due to poor wastewater treatment and numerous outfalls.

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Presidency for Meteorology & Environment
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Highlights

The Client wanted to address these environmental issues and further develop coastal resources in an environmentally sustainable manner.  An initial budget of $275M USD was established by the PME for remediation of the coastline.  Baird developed solutions for remediation based on:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of water quality prioritizing individual projects and maximize the benefits of the improvements.
  • Bio-indicators that developed temporal and spatial descriptions of water quality conditions.

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Project Challenges

  • Stakeholders in the public and private sectors needed to be part of the solution.
  • Very little historical baseline data on water quality conditions.
  • Variable water quality conditions made it difficult to pinpoint key pollution sources using conventional sampling.
  • Diffusers and outfalls did not function as planned due to site conditions.

Baird Solutions

  • Agencies understood roles and responsibilities following project presentations.
  • Coral was a bio-indicator to develop a history of human sewage stress.
  • Algae samples used as time-averaged bio-indicators of human sewage stress pinpointed sources.
  • 3D numerical modeling found that land forms could prevent mixing zone water from entering sensitive areas.

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