Kaumalapau Breakwater Repair

Major repairs were required to a vital breakwater protecting Kaumalapau Harbour. Core-Loc® Armor units were incorporated into the breakwater repairs resulting in a significant improvement to wave conditions in the harbour.

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US Army Corps of Engineers
Island of Lanai, Hawaii
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Island of Lanai, Hawaii

Project Highlights

Technical input related to model studies, designs, plans and specifications was provided. During construction, guidance was provided to the contractor on fabrication and placement of the armor units.

  • Breakwater repairs were designed to withstand very aggressive conditions, with wave heights up to 40ft.
  • The project required use of 35 ton Core-Loc® armor units, the largest ever produced and placed in the deepest water depths for this type of unit.

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Project Challenges

  • Develop a design process that was technically sound and enabled a practical construction approach.
  • It was necessary to fabricate and place the Core-Loc® armor units under extreme conditions in Hawaii.

Baird Solutions

  • Expertise in breakwaters and concrete armor units was invaluable in reaching a consensus on how to move forward from modeling to design and through construction.
  • Specifications were tailored for Core-Loc® concrete. A Core-Loc® placing grid and strategy was developed.

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