Lake Forest Beach Stabilization

The City of Lake Forest beach was experiencing severe erosion and limiting its use.  The City wanted to better utilize its Lake Michigan shoreline and provide an improved beach for its residents. 

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City of Lake Forest
Lake Forest, Illinois
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Lake Forest, Illinois

Project Highlights

Given the wave and sediment movement shoreline patterns, a unique approach was required to establish and maintain a viable long-term beach.  The final design included:


  • Over 2,000 feet of community swimming beach.
  • 800-foot stone revetment.
  • Small harbour of refuge with launch ramp
  • Additional park amenities such as a shelter and playground.

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Project Challenges

  • Minimize impacts on sediment transport process.
  • Predict the proposed beach shape and profiles.
  • Provide continuous beach access along the shoreline.

Baird Solutions

  • Beach cells were pre-filled with sand and extensive monitoring verified performance.
  • Conducted a physical model investigation to assess the use of coarse-grained sand materials.
  • A stabilized beach system was developed that incorporated a series of nearshore breakwaters that do not intersect the beach.

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