Luce Bayou Water Supply

A new large pump station on the Trinity River and outfall structure on Lake Houston has been identified as an option for providing needed water to the city of Houston for the next 50 years. A detailed feasibility study was required to assess technical viability and receive regulatory approval.

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AECOM, Texas Coastal Water Authority
Houston, Texas
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Houston, Texas

Project Highlights

A nested, multi-dimensional numerical modeling system was created for over 30 miles of river and Luce Bayou. Competing design, engineering and regulatory needs were supported by a unique field program.


  • Feasibility and design for pump station intake
  • Support for environmental impacts, wetlands, and fisheries
  • Outfall design

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Project Challenges

  • Project path with compressed schedule and critical milestones.
  • Site access was very challenging due to the remote location and harsh site conditions.
  • Property rights and project scope created numerous contentious stakeholder issues.

Baird Solutions

  • An accelerated project schedule was implemented to support subsequent feasibility and design studies.
  • An experienced field crew was mobilized and all field data was obtained under a compressed schedule.
  • Early and consistent communication with the client minimized and/or eliminated any potential issues.

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