Mauritius Coastal Erosion

The coastlineof the island of Mauritius suffers from extensive beach and cliff erosion. The health of the island’s fringing reefs is vital for both protection from cyclone waves and production of carbonate sand to feed the beaches.

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Ministry of Environment
Republic of Mauritius
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Republic of Mauritius

Project Highlights

A comprehensive investigation of the entire coastline was required to formulate recommendations for the reef and beach systems and upland areas. Recommendations were based on the findings of the analysis summarized below and represent a blueprint for integrated coastal zone management.


  • Field reconnaissance of entire 320 km of coastline
  • Deep water wave climate analysis
  • Wave and water level measurements outside and inside the reefs
  • Numerical modeling of beach processes
  • Assessment of coastal hazards

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Project Challenges

  • Assess the extent and determine the cause of coastal erosion.
  • Overcome history of using ineffective, short-term structural measures in response to erosion.
  • Mitigate cyclone hazards and impacted dynamic beach processes.

Baird Solutions

  • The linkage between reef health and the production of sand which nourishes the beach was identified.
  • An action plan including reef restoration, dynamic beach preservation, indigenous vegetation, and watershed management recommendations was developed.
  • Development setbacks based on the natural aspects of dynamic beaches were introduced.

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