Mejillones Port Development

A new port complex in Mejillones, Chile was planned to meet the needs of the local mining industry and the neighboring regions of Perú, Bolivia, Brasil and Argentina.  The complex wave climate in the area needed to be adequately addressed.

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Empresa Construction Belfi S.A.
Mejillones, Chile
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Mejillones, Chile

Project Highlights

The study included defining the metocean characteristics for the port and developing port layouts to address downtime concerns.

  • 30 year wave hindcast
  • Modeling of tidal currents and sediment transport due to waves and currents
  • Physical model of agitation and moored ship response
  • Design and physical model of coastal protection works

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Project Challenges

  • Contend with the complex wave climate of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Berth and design alignment had to consider waves at the site.
  • Address sedimentation in the dredged basin near the shore.

Baird Solutions

  • A state of the art wave hindcast was completed over the entire Pacific Ocean.
  • A physical model studying ship motion at the site determined the optimal design.
  • Sediment transport modeling was completed to assess the longshore movement of sediment in the wave climate.

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