Offshore Wind Power

Trillium Power’s proposed 420 MW Wind One will be one of the largest off-shore wind farm in the Great Lakes region. This 25 square mile project will include 140 Vestas 3 MW turbines connected to two substations using 18 miles of underwater transmission.

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Trillium Power
Great Lakes
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Great Lakes

Project Highlights

The unique setting and marine conditions of the Great Lakes provide numerous opportunities for innovation in science and engineering. Baird staff provide expertise in coastal and water resources engineering solution development including:

  • Comprehensive Great Lakes lakebed geophysical sediment database with literally thousands of samples.
  • Development of official Great Lakes wind/wave hindcast climate for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Complete wind and wave load structural assessment
  • Characterization of ice load and scour conditions for turbine foundations at potential project sites.
  • Macro and micro metocean climatic instrumentation and analysis.

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Project Challenges

  • The Great Lakes have diverse stakeholder interests across two countries.
  • Most commercial models are unsuitable for hydrodynamic and wave impact determinations of offshore wind structures beyond the near field.
  • Address complex processes with a lay audience.
  • The Great Lakes present a unique regulatory challenge.
  • Domestic content requirements for Professional Services in North American markets.

Baird Solutions

  • Demonstrated ability to work on large lake-wide multi-disciplinary studies.
  • Extensive depth of knowledge in numerical modeling and the ability to modify in-house models allows for custom modeling solutions.
  • Custom software and user interface tools presented processes in over 20 workshops with local groups.
  • Intimate familiarity with the marine regulatory issues on the Great Lakes.
  • Baird can meet domestic content requirements for coastal engineering services on offshore wind energy developments in Canada and the U.S.

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