Ottawa River Water Quality

The City of Ottawa required the evaluation of point source discharge impacts on river water quality at the Petrie Island beach complex. They needed to understand the relative impact of CSO’s, stormwater inputs, treatment plants and creeks so that improvement projects could be prioritized.

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City of Ottawa
Ottawa River, Ontario
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Ottawa River, Ontario

Project Highlights

A water quality and hydrodynamic assessment of over 70 point sources from the City and Ville de Gatineau was necessary. The assessment also required hydrodynamic and advection dispersion modeling of approximately 28 km of the Ottawa River from the Chaudiere Dam to Masson-Cumberland.

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Project Challenges

  • Identification of the many point sources along the Ottawa River that were documented in multiple data sources.
  • Determination of Escherichia Coli. loadings from combined sewer overflows.
  • Prediction of wet weather flows for point source inputs.

Baird Solutions

  • An approach was developed to coordinate with all sources of information.
  • A unique variable loading approach was developed for input into numerical models.
  • Comprehensive 2D water quality and urban hydrological models were developed to predict flows from 55 catchments during storm events.

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