Salmon Migration Tracking

NOAA Fisheries wanted to better understand the movement of endangered Atlantic salmon smolt on the Narraguasus River. The smolt were tracked using acoustic telemetry to assess their survival as they move to the sea but the very large and complex data set could not be easily analyzed.

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NOAA Fisheries
Narraguagus River, Maine
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Narraguagus River, Maine

Project Highlights

A sophisticated numerical model was developed and linked to a GIS-based interface displaying the acoustic telemetry data so tracks could be developed and smolt movement analyzed. This custom software system greatly improved the final track reliability and productivity of the fisheries staff.

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Project Challenges

  • It was necessary to understand the complex marine system of the river.
  • Maximize the useful information drawn from the database of acoustic telemetry.
  • Understanding how smolts respond to their environment.
  • Large amounts of complex data had to be conveyed to the public and scientists.

Baird Solutions

  • A field data collection program and hydrographic survey was implemented.
  • An interface into the database was created for the data set to be preprocessed and displayed visually.
  • The data were mapped onto each smolt and displayed in the user interface.
  • A season of smolts was animated and color coded to represent the experienced salinity conditions.

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