St. Lucia Coastal Planning

An integrated, cross-sectoral planning and management program was needed to address not only the current environmental and developmental pressures along the northwest coastline, but also the long-term protection and sustainability of the natural, cultural and economic coastal resources.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, St. Lucia
St. Lucia, West Indies
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St. Lucia, West Indies

Project Highlights

Issues and concerns were first identified and provided the framework for a coastal zone management plan. A field data acquisition program was then designed to characterize the physical, biological, social and marine environment.

  • Beach erosion monitoring program
  • Geophysical survey and nearshore marine habitat mapping
  • Assessed water and sediment quality within coastal watersheds
  • Modeled hurricane wave climate and nearshore wave transformation
  • Developed pilot social impact assessment and public awareness campaign

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Project Challenges

  • Develop local environmental management capacity.
  • Organize a large of amount of complex data.
  • Limited availability of Government financial resources.

Baird Solutions

  • A Coastal Zone Management Unit comprised of government personnel was created with direct support and training.
  • A GIS-based information management system was designed and installed that included hardware, software and training.
  • A joint initiative with partial funding from the Canadian International Development Agency was developed.

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