Welches Beach Restoration

The south coast of Barbados, a region with minimal beaches, saw frequent flooding of Highway 7 during storm events. Conceptual and final design work, plans and specifications, and construction administration was required to reduce the flooding and create an expanded beach for recreational use.

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Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit
Welches Beach, Barbados
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Welches Beach, Barbados

Project Highlights

The initial design was presented to, and accepted by, the public during the permitting process. The project has been extraordinarily successful with both locals and tourists using the beach on a regular basis. The project featured:

  • Breakwater and revetment structures using imported granite armour stone.
  • Placement of beach fill, which was salvaged from port dredging operations.
  • Public access, large planters and landscaping.

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Project Challenges

  • Overtopping of seawall and flooding of the roadway.
  • Limited beach accessibility existed at the site reducing public use.
  • Poor quality local armour stone did not meet design requirements.

Baird Solutions

  • Construction of new coastal structures to protect the road and to improve the beach, which provided additional coastal protection.
  • The existing groyne was extended and reconstructed to increase beach width.
  • Armour stone was imported from Canada’s east coast to provide a durable structure.

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