What We Do

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy provides the potential for a more sustainable society. However, numerous challenges and new paradigms exist with this growing field of traditional and alternative energy sources.

Baird offers cutting edge science and engineering skills to assist our energy clients in the fields of geophysical investigations, hydraulics, and metocean processes including wind/wave and ice conditions.

Our extensive experience working with numerous regulatory agencies is a valuable resource to our clients for planning, permiting and construction phases.

Wind Energy

Baird’s specific expertise in the unique demands of the Great Lakes climate is an asset to any organization developing or permitting an offshore wind farm. We provide efficient and technically robust engineering services to the growing offshore wind energy industry in North America.

We have an intimate understanding of marine physical processes, including waves, currents, ice, and sediment transport. The latest numerical modeling tools assess and define local conditions, as well as environmental loads on foundations, and the foundation impact upon their surroundings.

Wave Energy

Spatial long-term information is key in the development of wave energy projects. Wave climates govern the design, performance and long-term yield of a wave power generating facility. Measured data is not widely available, prompting the use of hindcast techniques in assessments of these projects.

Baird’s wave models are driven with global atmospheric datasets, calibrated and validated against measurements to provide unique long-term wave power time series and statistics. This capability is combined with GIS techniques to develop wave energy maps according to client needs.


Conventional and pumped-storage hydropower represents some of the most mature renewable energy sources. The potential physical impacts of such technologies on river systems pose increasingly complex regulatory and engineering challenges.

Our experience with challenges facing hydropower projects ranges from kilowatt to Megawatt scale projects, including pumped storage. Baird’s services include hydrologic and hydraulic investigations, shoreline erosion and management, downstream impacts, debris and ice, fisheries, and regulatory support.

Tidal Current Energy

The hydrodynamic properties of a specific site govern the overall design and operation of a tidal power generation facility. A reliable assessment of tidal current resources is critical to site selection, design and performance of tidal power projects.

Using a variety of proprietary software tools in combination with state of the art hydrodynamic numerical models, Baird can produce site-specific assessments and analyses of the tidal/current resources and provide a comprehensive software service to assess tidal renewable energy resource at any location around the globe.