What We Do

Specialized Services

Many challenging projects have requirements that involve specialized approaches to find solutions.  When conventional approaches do not work, advanced methods can make all the difference.

Specialized services that bridge the gap between science and engineering have been part of Baird’s expertise since the company was formed. These services include numerical modeling, physical modeling and customized software solutions. Baird has the tools and applications to undertake these tasks, and also the experience to properly apply these tools, and serve our clients' needs.

Erosion & Sedimentation

Erosion and sedimentation are complex natural processes that can negatively influence waterfront developments, marinas, ports and harbours. Baird has extensive experience with these processes in rivers, estuaries, lakes and oceans around the world.

The success we achieve for our clients comes from the application of a strong scientific and multidisciplinary approach combined with years of practical experience around the world. This enables us to apply cutting edge techniques in sedimentology, geomorphology, limnology/marine ecology, hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling and engineering design to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Metocean conditions are often the driving forces in development of marine facilities. Operability of facilities is affected by day-to-day metocean conditions, while structural survival during extreme conditions is critical to the design.

Baird carries out wave hindcasts and forecasts for regional areas and on global scales for clients in various sectors and locations. We use remote sensing of wind and wave conditions to produce calibrated and verified metocean conditions both in deep water and nearshore locations. Quality metocean analyses allow for facility optimization and improved cost efficiencies.

Physical Modeling

Physical models provide a clear and real demonstration of shorelines and coastal structures, simulating the processes of waves, wave run-up, wave forces, currents, ship motions, beaches and/or sediment transport. They support the efficient design of structures and the definition of their impacts on the coastal environment.

Baird has been completing physical model studies for over 25 years and has vast experience in the planning, design, operation and interpretation of physical model investigations. These studies result in designs with improved performance, as well as considerable cost savings.

Software Solutions

Complex data and processes can present obstacles to truly understanding the problem and achieving solutions. Vast data sets that change temporally and spatially are common in coastal environments and require specialized approaches to fully understand.

Baird develops customized system solutions to meet the specific needs of clients. These systems typically incorporate geographic data, along with other databases from numerical modeling, field studies, remote sensing and historical data. With a focus on visualization and efficiency, we provide solutions to meet our clients’ needs.