What We Do


Waterfronts are often the focal points of cities, resorts and parks, and play a vital role in the community. However, the same forces that attract people to the water can present significant challenges relating to waves, currents and flooding.

Working with clients and stakeholders, we integrate waterfronts into their surrounding communities. We create a balance between the recreational needs of a project and sustainable designs.

From conceptual stages through to construction, using our experience to anticipate and manage constraints.


The efficient and cost-effective operation of a successful marina requires detailed planning and design. Whether upgrading an existing marina, or designing and implementing a new multi-use marina development, Baird’s planners, scientists and engineers provide an integrated approach to develop practical solutions.

Baird provides unique skills to understand and define design conditions in a wide variety of coastal environments. This expertise has been utilized on all aspects of projects from the conceptual design phase though implementation.


Development of new resorts or waterfront improvements to existing resorts requires an understanding of coastal processes. These waterfronts must be multi-functional, but also provide the required protection during storm events, thereby minimizing interruptions to resort guests.

Baird’s designs integrate necessary structures into aesthetically pleasing site amenities. We work with resort owners and stakeholders to understand their requirements and create cost-effective solutions that will provide protection and enhance the waterfront.


Throughout the world people are attracted to coastlines, and particularly to beaches where the water’s edge is most accessible. Beaches represent one of the most dynamic forms of coastline with complex and competing processes of erosion and accretion.

Baird’s work preserves, improves and creates beaches. Our success derives from a combination of clearly understanding client requirements, our wealth of practical experience and the application of state-of-the art analysis techniques.

Urban Waterfronts

Urban waterfronts provide an opportunity to create focal points and features that can transform a region. Baird has converted old industrial sectors into parks, beaches and habitat and revitalized other urban settings.

Urban waterfront projects have been resounding successes from inland river and lake sites, to tropical beaches. Boardwalks, headlands, and innovative shore protection measures allow people to safely enjoy the waterfront. Baird focuses on providing access to waterfronts in a safe, environmentally sensitive manner.

Coastal Structures

Coastal structures are a vital part of most waterfront project, providing flood reduction, wave sheltering and stabilizing boating channels. They also represent a significant investment by our clients and thus should be planned and constructed in a very cost-effective manner.

We tailor our solutions to site conditions, taking into account the wave climate, water levels, soils, and issues related to constructability and unique environmental considerations. Our projects range from brief studies all the way through to full scale planning, design, and implementation.